Sound Gallery Studios

‘making sound underground’

Sound Gallery was founded in 2000 in Exeter as a not for profit organisation by London born musician and social entrepreneur Grice Peters (FRSA) with support from the Elmgrant Trust and Lord Young (Open University).

This new venture gained momentum and attracted a dedicated and passionate team of musicians and friends including Marie Belsten (CRAMP), Jez Taylor (Playback Theatre), Paul Bateman (Jackdaw Music), Alexander Marchant (Veil Cassini), Aleksis Gailans (internet server support at CDO), Maria Peters, (MEd. in Applied Linguistics), Jo Gedrych and David Gedrych who channelled their enthusiasm and talents into running small festivals, happenings, live music showcases (Phoenixsounds), multi-media projects (Virtual Vincenzo, New works for Lost Voices) and music enrichment programmes for young people (COBRA, ERA, Moonmaths) in Exeter and Bristol.

In 2007 Sound Gallery became a community interest company and in 2008, after securing a 3-year grant from the National Youth Volunteering Charity (Vinvolved project), Sound Gallery CIC took up residence in the basement at Exeter Phoenix where the core team built a recording studio and rehearsal facilities with support from Exeter Phoenix and ECC. The team was joined by musician & singer-songwriter Adrian Bull (outreach officer, Vinvolved project). Since then Sound Gallery’ s team expanded to involve several freelance music tutors and engineers to deliver audio recording, music production services, music enrichment programmes and training courses for musicians and young people to help them create original music and reach new audiences.

The current team is comprised of Grice Peters, Maria Peters and engineer/producer Duncan Chave (Sound Gallery’s technical director and head engineer), assisted by freelancers Nick Tarbitt (CEO at Integrity Records) and Dan Wiseman (Wiseman Productions).

Sound Gallery runs a bespoke work experience programme ( SiMPTI) and the Access to SiMPTI programme (supporting young people with mental health issues) and has organised and run music industry showcase,  Analogue to Digital Music Expo for 6 consecutive years.

Sound Gallery has forged strong links with the music industry, arts organisations, businesses, schools, colleges including Exeter College and the University of Exeter, local authorities and our local community of musicians and music industry professionals.

As a result of the team‘s resolve to survive amidst the devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry, Sound Gallery succeeded in securing funding from the Exeter Covid-19 Community Action Fund, the Devon Community Foundation, Arts Council England (Emergency Response Fund & Culture Recovery Fund) and the UK Youth Fund-Covid Resilience (UK Youth & Julia & Hans Rausing Trust). These funds enabled us to sustain the studio and to run online music technology sessions for young people living in isolation away from their family home.

Sound Gallery CIC is proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK and a People and Planet First Verified Fair Trade Enterprise recognised by the World Fair Trade Organisation & the Social Enterprise World Forum.

We remain inspired and positive and we look forward to keep making music and helping others to realise their musical dreams.

if you wish to donate to our organisation or support in any way our social objectives and music enrichment programmes for disadvantaged young people, please contact us: [email protected]


Sound Gallery Studios are run by social enterprise Sound Gallery CIC. We invest in our music enrichment and training programmes for fragile young people who are experiencing barriers in accessing creative and educational opportunities due to their socio-economic background and mental health issues.  When you buy services and products from Sound Gallery you are directly helping disadvantaged young people to access the creative, technical and interpersonal skills they need to pursue a career in the music industry and to thrive in life. Thank you!

We are proud to be members of Social Enterprise UK and a People and Planet First Verified Fair Trade Enterprise recognised by the World Fair Trade Organisation & the Social Enterprise World Forum.