2001-2006: Sound Gallery is established as a not-for-profit music development organisation by Martin Grice Peters after receiving a small grant from the Elmgrant Trust (established by Lord Young) in order to set up an online virtual community for local musicians and organise live music events in Exeter and the surrounding areas. 

2001-present: Virtual Vincenzo - Sound Gallery's digital restoration project of an early Italian harpsichord build by Vincenzo Sodi in 1782. The actual instrument is part of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum collection in Exeter. 

2002-2007: UnLtd Millennium Award Level 1 was awarded to Jim Peters as a social entrepreneur to launch a youth enrichment programme: C.O.B.R.A (City of Bristol Rising Artists) in collaboration with City of Bristol College. This project brought together students with musicians and industry professionals from music production, recording and video editing in order to enrich the educational environment and to bring more positive attitudes to personal development and attainment. 

May 2004: New Works for Lost Voices - Multi-media performance featuring the 'Virtual Vincenzo' with new commissions and performances by David Cottam, Swanston, Hilary Boxer, Tim Boxer and Ntropic and an especially commissioned film by Verity Healy inspired by Gabriel D'Annunzio's poem about Scarlatti featuring original super8 footage by C.J. Peters and music (Slowdive) by GRICE.

June 2005: State of the Arts: A feast for the eyes and the ears, this audio visual extravaganza included an arts and music exhibition and a host of seminars and workshops, followed by an evening which showcased a diverse range of high-quality, original music and art, created and performed by talented local artists including Music industry seminars, Live performances, featuring Art Brut, Mark Chadwick (The Levellers), The Worrydolls, Swanston, The Waxroom, Nixon and the Burn, Chartwell Dutiro and Exhibitions (Virtual Vincenzo, Andy Manson's Mermaid Guitar, Mansons Guitars/MUSE). The event also featured a dance piece inspired by a new commissioned piece of music 'Comfort Zone' written by Grice. State of the Arts was organised by Sound Gallery in association with CRAMP. 

July 2005: EMIG (Exeter Music Industry Group) is established in a meeting with 25 key music industry players in Exeter following the reflective process that took place after the 'State of the Arts' event. 

2006-2010: Phoenixsounds monthly live music showcase events for new and established bands and artists. The events were organised in association with Niki Portus (Aeon Festival) and supported by the PRSF for New Music.

2006-2011: Exeter Rising Artists (E.R.A) youth enrichment programme is launched in Exeter following the success of City of Bristol Rising Artists, featuring 3 strands: Form a Band, Digital Sounds and Sing it, to deliver creative music-making sessions for young people aged 11-18 years.

May 2007: Moon Maths project: a short film documenting the journey of 15 students from City of Bristol College to Stonehenge. The project aimed to re-engage a group of young people with Maths. Using modern technology and natural elements such as the sun path and lunar cycles at Stonehenge, an original musical score was generated from data collected at the site using digital midi technology and analogue models. This project was a collaboration between Sound Gallery and Playback Theatre. 

Sept 2007-present: Sound Gallery CIC is founded as a social enterprise dedicated to the development of original creative works produced by talented musicians of all ages and to the provision of music-making opportunities for young people aged 11-25, especially those who are socially or financially disadvantaged and lacking in creative opportunities, with an aim to nurture, support and develop musicians and musical projects in the South West of England. 

2007-2010: The Sunday Social - open mic at Exeter Phoenix, showcasing acoustic bands, singer-songwriters and Djs based in the Southwest. 

2008-present: Sound Gallery Studios - the newly formed Sound Gallery team takes on the task to refurbish the basement floor at Exeter Phoenix and build a professional recording studio offering audio, music production and recording services, band rehearsal and training facilities in the cultural heart of the Southwest.

2008-2010: Next Level DJ Academy is launched as a one stop resource for training, personnel and professional hire in all areas of the dance music industry in association with Reform Records. 

2008-present: Creative music technology courses workshops and masterclasses on music production and recording techniques, Audio for Artists, Soft Synths, Sound Design and Soundtrack for Film. 

2008-present: Underground radio show - 'Maida Vale' style, live sessions from Sound Gallery Studios on PhonicFM 106.8.

March 2008-March 2011: Sound Gallery Youth Volunteering project Sound Gallery receives £120,000 in funding from V The National Youth Volunteering Charity with an aim to create and offer new volunteering opportunities in the music industry to 100 young people over the period of 3 years. According to the Exeter Volunteer Centre, our volunteering opportunities provoked the biggest response they had seen for five years! 

2009-present: Analogue to Digital Music Expoa unique music technology show in the Southwest, celebrating innovation and creativity in music production and performance with hands-on demos, masterclasses, seminars and workshops led by the world's leading experts in music technology and renowned producers and artists.

Nov 2010: hungersleep productions - artist-led record label which works with emerging and established artists and promotes innovation and excellence in all their recordings and productions to the music industry in the UK and abroad.

June 2011-present: SiMPTI (Standards in Music, Production, Technology and Industry) a programme of training, learning and working experiences for young people designed to provide access to high-end recording facilities, professional expertise and the music industry.

2012-present: Access to SiMPTI - social inclusion, early prevention music enrichment programme for young people who live in challenging circumstances.

2015: Employability Support Programme for young people supported by The National Youth Agency and Barclays Bank Community Investment Team.