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Sound Gallery Studios is a professional, purpose built, acoustically treated and fully air-conditioned recording studio situated at Exeter Phoenix in the cultural heart of Exeter in Devon. The studio complex comprises of air-conditioned and acoustically treated Live Room, Vocal Booth and Control Room and is well equipped with a range of classic analogue mics, pristine valve pre-amps and both soft and analogue synths (including the legendary Neumann U47, Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR, 1" tape machine, Juno 6 etc) alongside the best in digital effects processors, soft synths and plug-ins.

Specifications and Acoustic Design

We offer a wide range of integrated recording solutions, based around an Apple Mac Pro, Pro Tools and Logic Pro system with clean and high end AD/DA conversion and clocking from the SSL (Solid State Logic) Alphalink and Prism Sound Orpheus. Our facilities  feature high-end acoustic Absorbing & BAD (Binary Amplitude Diffsorbor™) panels and Diffusor panels designed and manufactured by RPG - additional acoustic consultation and design by Roger Quested (Abbey Road Studios) and Max Hodges (SOS Forum).

  • 6m x 4.5m studio (Live room, air-conditioned)
  • Acoustically treated Control Room
  • Mac-based Logic Pro and ProTools systems
  • SSL (Solid State Logic) Alphalink
  • Quested monitoring - S7 + sub
  • Allen & Heath GS-R24M recording and mixing desk
  • Prism Sound Orpheus & Pre-amps
  • Large mic selection (inc. Neumann U47 and Sontronics ARIA)
  • Separate Vocal Booth
  • Separate Amp Room
  • Live link to Phonic FM106.8

Mixing and Mastering Services (read more)

Control Room

The Control Room environment is very important in providing the perfect conditions for engineering, recording, mixing and mastering. Sound Gallery have designed and utilised a combination of Limp Mass traps and absorber panels along with corner traps to attenuate a range of frequencies - the aim is to create an almost flat response curve to enable the 'Truest' audio signal.

Vocal Booth

This  room has been specifically designed for recording vocals and voiceovers where complete control over the acoustics is paramount.

Voice-over recordings

Sound Gallery Studios provide the highest standard voice recording facility for our clients using the industry standard ProTools for both high-end voiceover recordings and voice to picture in our fully treated vocal booth. Click HERE for more information and past clients.


We now have a direct connection between Studio 2 and the Control Room with 8 lines (soon to be 16) with 1 return enabling us to use this great space for Drum tracking, Guitars re-amping, choirs etc. This is all connected via our brand new patch bays, cabling and connectors kindly donated by Super Audio Mastering. These new additions enable us to patch any single audio input to and from any room and either direct them straight to TAPE (oh yes, the 16 track TASCAM analogue Tape machine is ready to roll!) or directly into our DAW giving you more options.

Live Sessions on PhonicFM

Studio 1 is linked to our radio station Phonic FM106.8, which enables us to run Maida Vale-style live sessions on-air as well as pre-recorded sessions. Previous clients include Raphael Ravenscroft, GRICE, Annie Rew-Shaw, IKO, Victoria Hume, Veil Cassini, Kat Marsh, Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) Steve Cradock (Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene), Levi Roots, The Black Umfolosi, Gwyneth Herbert, The Broken Rebels, as well as local bands The Falling Trees, Catherine and the Owl, Moriaty and more. Tune in to Listen:


Our clients include local musicians, high-profile recording artists, record labels, bands, voiceover artists, rappers, commercial businesses and organisations, including Joss Stone, Steve Howe (YES, Asia), Rik Mayall, Raphael Ravenscroft (Pink Floyd, Gerry Rafferty), Curved Air, Steve Cradock (Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene), Little Matador, Rev Hammer, GRICE, Occultation Recordings, Integrity Records, and more.


'Thanks so much for a fantastic recording experience. Duncan was so good - really captured the energy we wanted. Nice one guys....we will highly recommend you to people. And we will be back!!! Han and Abbe xx' Sound of the Sirens

'Guys thanks for a great day on Saturday, really loved recording with you, special thanks to Duncan the wizard :-) see you all soon. Ian, Dave, Just, Stevie and Jools Better Luck Next Time (UK) 

Nice Job. Thanks very much’ Steve Howe (YES/Asia) 

Thank you for all your hard work on our tunes. Excited to hear the finished product! We had a wicked day in the studio. Please pass out thanks on to Duncan for all his patience with us ... He was a star! The Mysterious Freakshow 


The team

Our friendly and skilled Engineers and Producers have 25 years of experience in the music industry and are here to help you get the best out of your project whether you are recording a demo, showreel or an album for commercial release. We also have available a core group of professional musicians and producers with large credit list for TV, radio, film commissions, voice-overs as well as instrumentals & backing vocals through hungersleep records.

Recording Rates

Please see our Pricelist for guide prices. Due to the unique nature of each project, quotes are given after you have discussed details of your project with us.

Terms and Conditions

Before you confirm your booking with us, please read our terms and conditions HERE

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