one thousand birds symphony

“a harmonic and sometimes dissonant conversation between humans and the natural world”


“music for the fragile eggshell mind.”

Award winning music score, ’one thousand birds symphony’ by British musician GRICE, is a majestic collection of symphonic compositions and arrangements incorporating original field recordings of exquisite dawn choruses and digitally manipulated birdsong accompanied by an iridescent cast of high profile musicians (Richard Barbieri, Hossam Ramzy) who join the sonic murmuration.

GRICE is an art rock musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His drive towards emotive song craft and passion for manipulating both analogue and digital sounds have awarded him with acclaim in progressive art rock circles and the opportunity to collaborate on his albums with instrumental and production luminaries including Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree), Steve Jansen (Japan, Exit North), Raphael Ravenscroft (Pink Floyd, Vangelis/Blade Runner), Hossam Ramzy, B J Cole and more.

The Concept

‘one thousand birds symphony’ was created between March and December 2020 deep in ‘The Shire’, when the artist developed a personal connection with robins and blackbirds in his garden during lockdown. This was a time of disintegration and emotional derailment where human activity was for the most part suspended leaving a deafening silence, a sacred space filled with intricate birdsong and the exquisite voices of a thousand feathered choristers. The accompanying short film combines film footage captured on location and digital artwork created by the artist.

“The philosophy of birds – their iridescence, endurance, vulnerability and strength and their musical integrity is something to behold. This music is dedicated to the birds, the true masters in the art of life (and flying). These are my letters from isolation and this my tribute to the birds. Their majesty saved me from myself and I owe them much. May there always be birdsong above the battlefields.” G 


one thousand birds symphony‘ 10 track-album is to be mixed in Dolby Atmos and will be toured throughout 2024-2025 in select locations in the form of immersive multi-media & playback events, live music showcases, exhibitions and installations showcasing the original music score accompanied by projections, digital artwork, films and paintings, created by GRICE.

one thousand birds symphony‘ was premiered at Studio 74 (Exeter Phoenix) in May 2022 at the Bloom Festival as part of Mental Health Awareness week. 

Image courtesy of Helen Palmer 

Album Reviews

“This masterpiece entailed quite a sum of patience and intellectual creation in the formation of a majestic program of partial symphonic compositions mixed with actual field recordings of various birds and other nature sounds and brilliant electronically created sounds, then arranged around melodies and songs. Highly Recommended” Big Beautiful Noise

This is stunningly clever, and to my mind a genius work.’ The Progressive Aspect

‘There are bewitching passages of avant-classical beauty, a true original’ PROG magazine

“Avant jazz and ambient compositions, which are built around field recordings of birdsong(s). Stunning and stark all at once, utilizing all manner of guitars, keyboards, percussion, horns and cello, and of course, the birds themselves, this is a lovely journey throughout. Favorite track: agent starling (high roller glitch).”