Masterclasses & Live Demos 

 1. Ableton introduction workshop with Certified Trainer Chris Pratt (dBs Music)

Focusing on the non-linear approach to composing and structuring music, with an emphasis on continuity of the creative aspects of composition and production to maximise creativity in the studio or on stage. This session will include an introduction to Ableton’s new performance instrument ‘Push‘ exploring how the on-the-fly creativity paradigm already featured heavily in Live is extended and augmented by implementation of this instrument to make composition and performance much faster, more intuitive and more fun. 

2. Audio Magic – Creative Sound Design in Music Production with Lee Fletcher

Award winning recording artist and producer Lee Fletcher talks about the creative application of sound design & treatments in music production. The emphasis will be on supporting a song’s emotional ark and the potentially ‘magical’ aspects of recorded music verses live. 

3. Nektar Technology & Bitwig demos with product specialist Alex Gibbins.  

4. Yamaha and Steinberg with international product specialist Bert Smorenburg  joined by Steinberg technical guru – Andrew Schravemade 

5. Steinberg/Cubase Session 1: Set yourself Free

Don’t strum, bash, hit or play stuff? You do play but you suffer from the high rise block standing between you and your desired output? Feel like you are always writing the same old tunes? Stuck with harmonies and parts? Want to be original but your original always sounds the same? Let’s start from the very beginning. It’s always a very good place to start. In this session we’ll open a project from scratch and start constructing segments, grooves and parts. We’ll look how we can investigate numerous musical outcomes in the one track and mix and match to find a product that is original and something you may not have achieved without using our composition tools before. We’ll also look at recording audio and cover some basic tips for recording at home. You don’t need to do it all yourself, let’s also discuss easy ways to collaborate (even if your collaborator is not with you when recording) and share the music you have recorded.  

6. Steinberg/Cubase Session 2

Are you in the half way house? Got a track that is there or there abouts but needs some magic fairy dust to be sprinkled over the top? Every trades person has a set of tools. One of the biggest differences when it comes to the local plumber and a mix engineer is there isn’t so much the plumber can do to experiment with his tools –  we can push ours to the limit. Workflow, bus sends, chains,  FX and mix techniques. Let’s go through some techniques so you feel inspired to go home and experiment with the tools you have in front of you. Experimenting with different techniques can often be the difference between a track, and an interesting track. This is an open session so feel free to bring questions. We’ll also cover sharing your tracks with your band members (it’s OK if you don’t have a band) and the world

7. Yamaha Music Inspirational Demos

With over 120 years of experience in producing musical instruments, Yamaha is both knowledgeable and passionate about the creation of beautiful sound, alongside music production tools, audio visual products and professional audio services. Come and meet their friendly product guys who will be showcasing all the new products including MOXF and MX synths, CP STAGE pianos, HS series studio monitors and more! 

8. Inspiration in a Flash! 

International product specialist and internet sensation Bert Smorenburg will be showcasing the very latest gear in his motivational demonstrations. In his uniquely entertaining and informative style, Bert will show how to get the most professional sonic and creative results from the award-winning MOXF and MX synthesisers – both stand alone and when used in conjunction with a computer. These amazing instruments will be complemented by Yamaha’s latest CP STAGE range, which, thanks to a unique combination of professional sounds and technical functionality, is the stage piano of choice for many of the world’s most demanding pianists and keyboard players. 

9. 5.1 Surround Sound with Super Audio Mastering, Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles.

Once again Super Audio Mastering are proud to be invited to the A2D Expo 2014. As well as having a stall in the foyer area Andy Miles will be up in the Media Centre (Room…..) playing various albums Mixed and/or Mastered at SAM. Fresh off the back of the Goldfrapp cinema event (March 4th), which used the 5.1 Surround Mixes completed at SAM, Andy will be discussing Mixing & Mastering in 5.1 for domestic and commercial audio systems and how 5.1 Surround can be consumed in todays market.


10. Sound Gallery Studios


Live demos with VIP guests: Steve Cradock guitarist for Paul Weller, founder and member of Ocean Colour Scene.


Recording & Mixing surgeries with Super Audio Mastering and Sound Gallery Studios.

Learn tips and tricks from professional recording engineers, producers and artists on all aspects of recording, mixing, mic placement and multi-tracking using analogue and digital outboard & recording software.Music Production sessions with recording engineer Duncan Chave (Sound Gallery Studios) and mastering engineer Andy Miles (Super Audio Mastering). Learn how to creative contemporary electronic and dance music using modern digital audio workstations, including Logic, Pro Tools, Reason and Ableton Live. 


Digging Deep – groovescaping for the adventurous bassist with Al Swainger

A creative introduction to FX for bass grooves & solo improvisation. The wide variety of pedals on the market means whole worlds are now available to bass players for tonal shaping, soundscaping and groovescaping. Why let guitarists & keyboard players have all the fun? Set your bass free… 


Sontronics ARIA vocal microphone demo with Steve Barret-White

British designed mics & preamps that combine professional sound and build quality with total affordability. At the 2014 NAMM Show British microphone brand Sontronics have launched a new microphone that has been 18 months in the making. The new Sontronics ARIA is a valve condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern, designed by Sontronics founder Trevor Coley specifically for getting the best from your vocals. ‘Aria is silky smooth with all the classic characteristics that I’d expect from a vintage valve mic’, Andrew Dudman, Recording Engineer, Abbey Road Studios, (Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, Robbie Williams, Elbow).




Mixing and Mastering with iZotope software – Time+Space Product Specialist Martin Cranfield takes an in depth look at how to get your mixes sounding fresh and polished with iZotope’s innovative range of music production tools.

Songwriting made ‘EZ’ with Toontrack – Time+Space Product Specialist Martin Cranfield takes a look at Toontrack’s ‘EZ’ range of songwriting and music production tools.


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