This course is an introduction to the unique and innovative software Ableton Live. The course will cover setting up and using audio and midi clips, arranging your track, utilising the session and arrangement views, effects and processing, mixing and mastering and live performance.

Start date: TBC. Wednesdays, 6-8pm. Cost: £300. Duration: 6 weeks


Participants will be able to use Ableton Live with audio and midi, clips and effects, to arrange and produce their own music. 


Week 1


The live concept. 

Various ways of producing music with Ableton Live

The interface

MIDI & Audio

Week 2

Creating Drum Loops and working with MIDI

Using MIDI and drum racks

Creating your own drum racks

Week 3

Working with Audio

Warping concept

Synchronising and editing audio 

Week 4

Using Effects and Controllers

MIDI controllers set up and mapping

Using audio and MIDI effects

Week 5

Working in Session View

Crafting a structure in session view

Using clip envelopes

Clip triggering

Week 6

Arranging, mixing, mastering, performance

Traditional arrangement technique

Editing and navigating in the arrangement view

Performance and Live arrangement

Mixing and mastering Your Tune

Exporting your mix 


We offer 1-1 tuition arranged as required from £35 per hour & FREE 20 min consultations.

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