• Audio & music digital recording
• Mixing and mastering
• Voice-over recording
• Film soundtracks 
• TV & radio music services
• Voice-overs 
• Audio & video promo packages
• Audio Transfer (cassettes, vinyl to CD)
• Sound design & soundscapes
• Mobile 24-bit recording facility
• Music arrangements and commissions
• Talented and experienced session musicians
• Project design and event management
• Technical advice and assistance
• Music industry events
• Music technology courses
• Gift vouchers for studio experiences

  • Tape and Vinyl transfers: Looking to bring your Record or Tape collection into the 21st century? No longer have access to a Tape machine, Record or Minidisc player? We can transfer your Vinyl records, Cassette Tapes, DAT’s, and Minidisc, to high quality Digital WAV/AIFF or MP3 files, so that they are ready to play anytime you like on your PC, portable audio device or Phone. Helping to preserve your music collection for years to come. As an added service we can also restore the audio, removing clicks, pops, and hiss so that it sounds as perfect as the day it was recorded.



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