Over the past 12 years, we have had countless musicians, singer-songwriters and bands in the studio, from local aspiring bands to high-profile rand internationally acclaimed recording artists, presenters, actors and producers. including legendary saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft (Baker Street, Pink Floyd), Joss Stone, Steve Howe (Asia/YES), Steve Cradock, Curved Air, Sonja Kristina, Gwyneth Herbert, Slowdive, Matt Berry and more …
Bands & Singer-Songwriters
Neil Todd Quartet, Sound of Sirens, Nicky Swann, Alice Jemima, Kat Marsh, Dakar Audio Club, Siobhan McCrudden, Badlands, GRICE, Rev Hammer …
Record labels: Stone’d Records, hungersleep records, Integrity Records, Occultation Recordings, VMusic, Bullfighter Music Ltd and more.


‘Many, many thanks’ Finlay Quay

‘Nice Job. Thanks very much’ Steve Howe (YES/Asia)

‘We had a wicked day in the studio. Please pass out thanks on to Duncan for all his patience with us … He was a star!’         The Mysterious Freakshow

 ‘I had the fortune of recording local band Chiyoda Ku here, I was very pleased with the results and efficiency of working in your studio.’ Ben Green

‘Have just recorded our demo with you guys aT Sound Gallery, thanks for a great day you made the whole process fun and enjoyable, with a “nothings too much trouble” attitude along with very good advice and guidance, this is defiantly the place to record. We will be back. Thanks again’                   Better Luck Next Time

‘It was lovely recording yesterday, I really enjoyed it’        Kiera Osment

‘Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the studio time on Tuesday. We had a really good day with Alice & really appreciate your help in finishing off the track. The results have come back sounding great so we’re very happy.’ Alex (Teenage Rampage)

‘Thanks for doing our recordings! You guys are awesome!’ Cargo Cult

‘Thanks for today, it was really good thanks and we got a lot done.’ Blissful Abyss

‘Just done recording and tracking everything for 3 new songs at Sound Gallery! It’s sounding so so so sick. Can’t wait to put this up for everyone to hear!’ Sanskara

Recording finished!!! Great time with James Bragg at Sound Gallery! Our new song will be released while we are on the Rock Show on Phonic FM so tune in to hear it!!!’ We the Divide

‘Thanks for an awesome session, we have been contacted by an advertising agency who want to use one of the tracks in a movie trailer – thanks!’ Badlake


‘Everything went really smoothly during our voiceover sessions at Sound Gallery – thank you once again for all your help. All the best and hope to work with you in the future – here’s hoping for a second series!’ Gillian Irvine, BBC Scotland

‘Exeter Cathedral are very pleased with the tour and will be launching it shortly as soon as John Nettles can attend’. Joyce Adams, Talking Media

‘Just to say thank you to you and Jim once again for making our experience as easy and as efficient as you did. Sound Gallery is definitely the most professional studio I’ve recorded in and certainly produced the best results I’ve had from anywhere else. Thanks to Jim for paying real attention to detail and lending his expertise when mic-ing up etc. It’s rare to see people go the extra mile these days and you guys did’ H.H.

‘When we booked Sound Gallery (at very short notice) to record some singing for the songs that appear in Far From The Madding Crowd, I don’t know if they were expecting the films principal leads, the director, the producer, the choreographer and half of the production team to invade their space. Well that’s what happened and they were brilliant, very accommodating with any requests/demands and the engineer, Duncan Chave, was fantastic. Completely unphased under pressure and really knows his stuff. All round thumbs up. Support your local studio!’ Neil MacColl, music producer         (Far from the Madding Crowd, Fox Searchlight UK)

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