Analogue to Digital Music Expo

The Analogue to Digital Music Expo is a unique music industry event for all musicians and music enthusiasts alike, organised and hosted by social enterprise Sound Gallery CIC from 2009-2014. The main aim of this event is to give everyone the chance to experience cutting-edge music technology, music industry seminars and talks, live demos, performances and masterclasses delivered by high profile musicians, producers and major music technology brands and experts. 

A2D is the show where musicians, DJ’s and recording enthusiasts can try out the latest technology in music production and recording, talk to music industry experts, attend music industry panels with Howard Jones, John Leckie (Radiohead, MUSE, The Coral, Stone Roses), Paul Gray (The Damned, MU rep), Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree), plus win software and hardware worth £5,000 in the legendary prize draw competition.

With over 600 attendees and 20 major music technology companies, this unique event is dedicated to a whole day of workshops, hands-on demos, new product releases and live performances focusing on digital recording and production, guitar and bass technology, drums and soft synths, Q&A’s with SOUND ON SOUND magazine and masterclasses taking place over 3 floors at Exeter Phoenix and Sound Gallery Studios.

Grice Peters, managing director of Sound Gallery, said: “This is the show we feel the music industry needs as it gives real networking opportunities for both companies and musicians.”

An impressive list of music manufacturers and companies fresh from the NAMM show in America, includes Affinity Audio, Allen & Heath, Arturia, Ableton Live, Avid (M-Audio/Pro-Tools), IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Ohmforce, Reactable, Rob Chappers (Monkey Lord), Roland, Rycote, Shure, Silentpeaks, Sonic Distribution, Soundbeam, SoundCloud, Time & Space, Yamaha Music, Time+ Space, Sontronics, SoundCloud and more. 

Local exhibitors include: Mansons Guitars, Exeter College Music Academy, Orchid Electronics, Broom Reid & Harris, Quested, Music Room, Eigenlabs, TFPro, Academy of Music and Sound and dBs Music Plymouth.

Max Hodges, Sound On Sound magazine forum moderator added: “’A2D offers a different approach to the big shows and much better quality one-on-one time between the public and product specialists. Much kudos to Sound Gallery for making the Herculean effort to get this off the ground and long may it continue to shine as an example to others.”

Guest musicians and producers: Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene) Raphael Ravenscroft (Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye), Howard Jones, Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

Paul Gray, Lee Fletcher, Emma Scott, John Leckie, Simon Heyworth, Eddie Veale, Paul White (SoS magazine)

A2D Music Industry Seminars & Live Performances

The State of the Music Nation chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Richard Barbieri, Ville Leppanen, Martin Walker (A2D 2014)

Music, Business & Industry chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Gavin Monaghan, Ash Soan, Steve Knightly, Mark Tucker. (A2D 2013)

The Digital Future of Music chaired by Martin Walker. Speakers: Gary Bromham, Tony Butler, Hossam Ramzy, Paul Gray (A2D 2013)

Making your Way in the Music Industry chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Lee Fletcher, Emma Scott, Paul Gray, Ville Leppanen. (A2D 2012)

A2D 2014 – GRICE – live music performance feat. Grice, (guitars, vocals), Al Swainger (bass) and 05Ric (drums)

A2D Music Industry Seminars & Live Demos

Sound on Sound magazine Technical Panel chaired by Martin Walker. Speakers: Paul White (Sound on Sound Editor in Chief), Hugh Robjohns (Sound On Sound, Technical Editor) and Eddie Veale. (A2D 2012)

Music Industry Panel chaired by Martin Walker.  Speakers: John Leckie, Howard Jones, Paul Gray, Ted Fletcher, Lee Fletcher. (A2D 2011)

Hossam Ramzy percussionist) (Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel) live demo

Rob Chapman: How to make a living as a Guitarist (A2D 2011)

Eigenlabs demo (A2D 2011)

Shure microphone placement demo with drummer Joe Breban (A2D 2011)

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