Welcome to Sound Gallery Studios

Sound Gallery Studios is a professional recording studio run by a social enterprise situated within Exeter Phoenix in the cultural heart of Exeter. 
Our friendly, experienced and highly skilled team works with emerging and established bands, singer-songwriters, vocalists, musicians and producers as well as music industry professionals, record labels, music publishers and film-makers. We also provide mixing and mastering services and our team is experienced in music production and sound design projects, including recording and producing audiobooks, podcasts, audio tours and voiceovers for TV & film production companies, book publishers, radio stations, advertising agencies from the UK and around the world. We also provide training on Logic Pro, Ableton and ProTools & run Music Production courses and Music Industry advice sessions in association with 
Integrity Records.

Studio 1 provides the perfect fusion between analogue and state of the art digital technologies, including a control room, vocal booth and live room. We have recently increased our recording capacity by networking Studio 1 with Studio 2 and the Control Room.  

Sound Gallery Studios offer different mastering options to suit your budget and your product, from general mix and mastering of demos and ‘in the box’ high-end software mastering. We also offer general Mixing services and Stem Mixing services using both Analogue & Digital paths.

Studio 2 now renamed as THE SUB is revamped as a new creative space and is fully connected to Studio 1 and the Control Room through an extensive Motu digital/analogue network enabling full multi-track recording via our outboard and into the DAW. 

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