Sound Gallery Studios team in Berlin

In 2015, Sound Gallery organised a professional development visit to Berlin thanks to the encouragement and support from UKTIM. The purpose of this project was to find out whether Berlin is the right place for Sound Gallery CIC to export and expand its services, with a main focus on introducing and establishing the Analogue to Digital Music Expo a unique music technology show we host in the UK, and in general to research the market for music related events we can participate in or deliver directly to a new market audience. The purpose of the visit would also be to find out more about other events happening in Berlin as well as the viability of hosting a music Technology event and the potential for match funding from local authorities or music bodies.

Berlin’ music scene is in a state of constant change with the potential of developing and rapidly becoming a centre and an international hub for an invigorated and exciting music industry. Prior to our trip we found out from a UKTI representative that last year 40,000 artists moved to Berlin which shows that the city attracts creative people due to its low cost of living and the underground scene that is thriving there at the moment.

During out visit, we met and had discussions with representatives from dBs Music, BIMM, Funkhaus, the British Embassy, British Council, noisy Store, Culture Container and record stores and we found their responses very encouraging and positive not only towards UK’s internationally renowned reputation as one of the main players and leaders in the music industry but also towards our proposals and plans for the future.

The 7 day visit involved meetings with: 

  • Uwe Fabich, new owner of Funkhaus, an impressive multi-purpose complex complex of buildings originally built in between 1929 and 1930 as a rowing and recreation centre and later on serving as East Germany’s central radio station in the 1950’s and radio training centre till 1991. The complex which was under redevelopment would host a live music venue, offices and studios.
  • Hannah Deans from the Management Team at dBs Music and tour of the premises.
  • Julia Rawlings (Head of Education and Society) and Dr. Elke Ritt (Head of Arts) at the British Council in Berlin 
  • Miriam Ducket, Senior Trade Adviser Creative Industries at the British Embassy in Berlin and tour of the Function room and Foyer area, Berlin, Germany
  • David Puttick centre manager of dBs Music, Berlin, Germany
  • Franz Rodeck, recording studio owner, musician and live recording sessions organiser at the Culture Container
  • Lisa Wadham, Head of Careers and Industry at BIMM and tour of the premises
  • Frank Gonschorek (Division Manager) at noisy Store (equipment hire shop).
  • Sylvia Bell from Sylvia Bell Music Management.
  • Thomas Joschner from independent radio station situated in a vinyl record store called ‘Schallplannet’ in Friedrichshain.
  • Sound Gallery team also delivered a music technology live demo to 100 students at DbS Music and a live music performance at the Culture Container in Berlin.

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