Sound Gallery team at Forward Studios – Rome

In 2018, Sound Gallery’s creative team in association with their in-house record label hungersleep records visited Forward Studios in Rome as part of their professional development scheme, to help establish new partnership with the music industry and initiate artistic collaborations with international musicians and producers abroad. The aim of the venture was to also establish links with Forward Music Italy, the record label associated with Forward Studios which manages Forward’s in-house productions and is currently looking for foreign partners to develop an international network of cooperation and promotion.  

The visit involved a number of intensive recording and mixing sessions at Forward Studios, a world renowned recording facility in the outskirts of Rome conducted by head engineer Stefano Quarta. The recordings involved internationally recognised  Italian drummer Marco Maggiore, GRICE on electric guitars and vocals and Fred Ehresmann on keys, hammond organ and piano and formed part of the new album One Thousand Birds by hungersleep records artist GRICE. Richard Barbieri who was a delegate and speaker on Sound Gallery’s Analogue to Digital Music Expo for a number of year is a patron and in-house producer at Forward Studios. Our team was immensely excited at the opportunity to work with like-minded musicians and professionals in such an inspiring location and we very much hope to visit Forward Studios again soon.

Sound Gallery Studios in association with hungersleep productions gratefully acknowledges support from the         European Regional Development fund (ERDF)

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