Mixing & Mastering Techniques

Learn how to produce professional sounding music by exploring the arts of mixing and mastering. Improve your critical listening while learning about balancing, panning, spatialisation and how to use EQ, compression, limiting and other effects to achieve that ‘finished’ sound.

All our courses are designed with bespoke elements to them so they can be adapted to the needs and skill levels of the participants.

Cost: £40 per hr


To enable participants to create professional sounding tracks using modern computer technology and know how.

This course is suitable for beginners and for those looking to advance and develop their mixing and mastering skills further.


By the end of the course participants will:

Understand how to organise and plan a mix using groups, buses and gain staging.

Understand and use panning, dynamics, equalisation and effects to improve their mixes.

Explore the art of mastering and learn how to improve the sound and impact of their music.

The knowledge and skills covered in this course are fully transferable (can be applied to any software/hardware).