Music Production

This course is aimed at people wanting to set up a home studio or improve their music creation and production skills.

It introduces recording and production techniques used in a professional recording studio including; mic placement, sampling, programming, EQ, dynamics and more.


£35 per hr for 2 hr sessions or £40 for 1 hr sessions. Number of hrs recommended: 10 hrs

Method of delivery: 1:1 sessions and small groups

Tutor: Duncan Chave


To provide participants with the necessary information and guidance to be able to set-up their own home studio.

To enable participants to create and produce music using a computer.

To explore the principles of music recording and production.

All our courses are designed with bespoke elements to them so they can be adapted to the needs and skill levels of the participants.


By the end of the course participants will:

Be familiar with key features of modern DAW software, virtual instruments, loops and plugins.

Understand how to record, import, edit, manipulate and export audio.

Understand the design and use of different types of microphones and the theory of microphone choice and placement.

Understand how to record, sequence and edit MIDI.

Understand the application of production tools such as compressors, reverb, delay and modulation effects.

Candidates will also understand the key components of a basic home computer music set up and key factors when selecting equipment.