Ableton Live course

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Ableton Live


Start date: 2nd OCTOBER 2019. Wednesdays 6-8pm (duration 6 weeks) Cost: £270. 


This course is an introduction to the unique and innovative software Ableton Live. The course will cover setting up and using audio and midi clips, arranging your track, utilising the session and arrangement views, effects and processing, mixing and mastering and live performance. By the end of the course, participants will be able to use Ableton Live with audio and midi, clips and effects to arrange and produce their own music.

By the end of the course the participants will be able to use Ableton Live with audio and
midi, clips and effects, to arrange and produce their own music.
Week 1
The live concept.
Various ways of producing music with Ableton Live
The interface
MIDI & Audio
Week 2
Creating Drum Loops and working with MIDI
Using MIDI and drum racks
Creating your own drum racks
Week 3
Working with Audio
Warping concept
Synchronising and editing audio
Week 4
Using Effects and Controllers
MIDI controllers set up and mapping
Using audio and MIDI effects
Week 5
Working in Session View
Crafting a structure in session view
Using clip envelopes
Clip triggering
Week 6
Arranging, mixing, mastering, performance
Traditional arrangement technique
Editing and navigating in the arrangement view
Performance and Live arrangement
Mixing and mastering Your Tune
Exporting your mix

About Duncan Chave:

Producer, engineer, sound designer and Sound Gallery's Technical Director, Duncan has

extensive experience of working with singer-songwriters, bands, directors, composers and

arrangers. Duncan has also been involved in keyboard programming and the preparation

of sampled sounds for West End musicals, the Royal National Theatre, TV and film music,

sound installations and live engineering as well as music for new media using cutting-edge

music technology.


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