Social objectives

Sound Gallery’s principal objective is to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular, to enable music-making and training opportunities for young people aged 14-25 who are socially or financially disadvantaged and lacking in creative opportunities.

Our principles are: accessibility, social inclusion, creative learning, originality, social entrepreneurialism and passion for innovative, high quality artistic work.

Our aim is to nurture and develop musicians and musical projects in Exeter and the surrounding areas.

Our Social Objectives

Increasing opportunities: organising a range of workshops, creative and technical courses and enrichment programmes for disadvantaged and fragile young people living in and around Exeter.

Improving Access: helping more local young people to develop personal, social and vocational skills through music-making, especially those whose access to musical opportunities and/or facilities is limited due to financial disadvantage, disability or rural isolation.

Providing high-quality professional services: providing the highest quality of musical experience for young people, in order to encourage enjoyment and further involvement.

Increasing creativity: providing opportunities for young people to create their own music in a supportive and professional environment through youth enrichment programmes and funded projects (UK Youth, #Focus5 project) and our association with local organisations and community projects (Midi & Midi TV).

Fostering a sense of achievement & self-worth: providing performance and recording opportunities as an integral part of music projects aimed at young people, resulting in a tangible product/collective experience and a sense of pride at what has been achieved.

Encouraging positive social interaction: encouraging young people to interact positively with others in order to reach collective targets and common goals.

Furthering education & career progression: providing a bespoke work experience programme (SiMPTI: Standards in Music Production, Technology and Industry) and training courses and 1:1 tuition on creative music technology and music production.

Encouraging breadth of experience: introducing young people to the widest possible range of musical styles and cultural traditions in music-making.

Developing, celebrating and promoting young people’s achievements: recognising and celebrating emerging musicians achievements; recommending local musical talent to key industry agencies and music industry professionals (record labels and publishers).

Informing and educating the local community about their musical heritage: raising public awareness of creative and original musical works produced by talented local musicians, past and present. (Virtual Vincenzo project).

In furtherance of these objectives, Sound Gallery:

Provides access to resources, technology, equipment and expertise to a community of musicians of all ages and abilities including local young people.

Fosters, develops and promotes new and existing talent through live music showcases.

Empowers and sustains struggling artists and helps present their work to the music industry and new audiences through live music showcase events, networking events and music industry advice sessions (in assoc. with Integrity Records).

Provides networking opportunities as stepping stones to further careers, through music industry seminars with key industry figures (Analogue to Digital Music Expo).

Provides a work experience and accessibility programme (SiMPTI and Access to SiMPTI) to help young people gain hands-on experience in a professional recording studio and offers careers advice to those who are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. SIMPTI is accredited by nationally recognised exam board Edexcel.

Recruits volunteers to help run their music industry events and live music showcases.

Encourages creativity and innovation through collaboration with freelancer musicians and music industry professionals employed to deliver innovative and exciting projects (Virtual MainStage and SiMPTI Digital).

Attracts new audiences and increase community involvement in local music through artistically stimulating and challenging performances and events.

Commissions new works by talented young composers and songwriters.

Liaises with arts and music organisations, with a view to collaboration on specific projects.

Co-operates with local authorities, educational institutions and arts organisations and presents music industry seminars, masterclasses and events in order to promote better knowledge and more widespread interest about the local and national music industry.

Sound Gallery also aspires to:

Establish a local music industry forum made up of local promoters, funders and arts organisations to discuss issues affecting performance opportunities and audience generation, and carry out ongoing research about the local music industry.

Help build a vibrant cultural economy in Exeter and provide attractive employment and training opportunities for talented young people in order to enrich the culture and economy of the region.

Play an active role as part of the Exeter Cultural Partnership and Exeter Arts Council strategy and continue to provide once a lifetime cultural experiences through multi-media events, cross-platform showcases and innovative projects.

Develop new cross cultural partnerships and expand its range of services nationally and abroad (Forward Studios (Rome), Dbs Music (Berlin).

Sound Gallery aims to become financially self-sustainable by widening its range of potential funding sources to include commercial trading and grant funding, which has previously been its main source of income as a voluntary organisation. Sound Gallery’s objectives as a social enterprise, are concerned first and foremost with community interest, rather than commercial gain for its members. Part of our profits are invested into the development of the organisation for the benefit of the local community; there is no option for profit sharing to shareholders.