State of the Arts – 18 June 2005 – Exeter Phoenix

Making Waves Through Music

A feast for the eyes and the ears, this audio visual extravaganza includes an arts and music exhibition and a host of seminars and workshops, followed by an evening showcasing a diverse range of high-quality, original music and art, created and performed by talented local artists, featuring:

Music Industry Seminars – Live performances

Exhibitions – Creative Workshops

Organised by Sound Gallery and CRAMP

Exhibitions – Sounds of the Sea

An exploration of ways in which both modern and ancient hand-crafted stringed instruments can be used to create powerful sonic and visual representation of the sea and its mythic associations

Virtual Vincenzo digital restoration project by Sound Gallery: A virtual multi-media recreation of the 18 Century Vincenzo Sodi harpsichord, currently stored at RAMM in Exeter. The story of this important instrument is expressed through its unique voice. A special music commission featuring the Virtual Vincenzo is performed during the event.      

Mermaid Guitar built by guitar luthier Andy Manson 

The exhibition showcase the extraordinary Mermaid Guitar, a unique life-size instrument built by world-class luthier and artist Andy Manson.

The opening of the event features a unique Live performance with Julie Ellison playing the Mermaid Guitar.

Live Music Performances

ART BRUT, Mark Chadwick (Levellers) & Rev Hammer, Chartwell Dutiro, Swanston, The Waxroom, Worrydolls, McCrory Brothers, Nixon & The Burn, N-Tropic, Belle & The Beatboxers & more

Music Industry Seminars

Key Speakers include:

Feargal Sharkey (ex Undertones/Live Music Forum)

Nigel McCune (MU)

Paul Gray (The Damned/Regional officer MU)

Adrian Bossey (South West Music Forum)

Seminar 1 – Funding Enlightening

Presentations by Nigel McCune (MU) and Mark Wallace (Arts & Business SW) on the extent of funding for musicians. Panel includes reps from Youth Music, PRS Foundation, Exeter Arts Council, ACE, Exeter City Council and Devon County Council.

Seminar 3 – Music as a Regenerative Force

An examination of the many ways in which music can improve the morale and skills of local national and international communities. The panel includes representtatives from local music development organisations and promoters.

Seminar 2 – Live Music: A Disappearing Audience?

Opening presentation by Feargal Sharkey about the implications of the new licensing laws for local venues. Panel includes representatives from local live music venues.

Seminar 4 – Building Blocks: Developing a Network across the South West

Opening presentation by Adrian Bossey about the role of SWMIF and how Exeter and surrounding areas can play a part in building a cohesive regional network. Paul Gray talks about his experiences from a musician’s perspective.

Creative Workshops for Young People

Comfort Zone

A dance workshop which aims to explore the themes of separation, and the journey of personal discovery through dance. Choreographed movements inspired by a piece of music commissioned by Grice, to be performed during the event.

Playback Youth Theatre

A drama and singing workshop which aims to produce a short piece of original musical theatre on the day and to be performance during the evening showcase event.

Music Machine

A creative music workshop which includes guided improvisation and a range of innovative techniques passed down by Connect tutors from the Guildhall School of Music in London. two short pieces of original music will be performed during the evening’s showcase event.

State of the Arts was organised by Sound Gallery & CRAMP

Supported by Exeter Arts Council, Exeter Phoenix, PRSFoundation, Arts & Business SW

Sponsored by Mansons Guitars, Crazy Cat Sound and DepotX

Following the reflective process that took place after the ‘State of the Arts’ event the organisers established EMIG (Exeter Music Industry Group) in a follow-up meeting involving 25 key music industry players in Exeter 

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