Tony Hawks,

Monty Halls (My Family and the Galapagos)

John Nettles – An Island at War

Penguin Random House


JWT – New York – Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project (featuring Seb Fontaine) 

Scramble Soho (WHSmith, feat. Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall)

T Mobile

intervoiceover – London


MasterChef – Endemol Shine (feat. Gordon Ramsay)

Game of Thrones (HBO/ Warner) (feat. Conleth Hill)

The Walking Dead (feat. Andrew Lincoln)

CBBC – Who Let the Dogs Out (feat. Rik Mayall)

BBC – The One Show (feat. Raphael Ravenscroft)

BBC – The One Show (with Lucy Siegle)

Channel 4 (Embarrassing Bodies) 

Chemical Media (feat. Nick Baker)


Fox Searchlight UK (feature film: Far from the Madding Crowd)

ADDC Trust animation trailer 

Meridian Line Films (Tibet: Roof of the World feat, Nick Baker)

Wild Dog Limited

Cineon Productions


BBC Radio 4 (The Reunion: 1948 Berlin Airlift with Sue MacGregor)

BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3, 

BBC MediaCity (with Ann Widdecombe)



Frontstalls Productions

DTV Group (Save the Children with Art Malik)

Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Exeter) Feedmee (Germany)

Omni Productions

Scramble Soho

Open Mind Media

Talking Media (Exeter Cathedral Tours)

National Geographic

Rabbit Vocal Management

Spacex Gallery

Redberry Press

Client Feedback & Testimonials

‘Great Team!’ – Gordon Ramsay

‘Duncan is a sound god but I am a f…… genious’! – Rik Mayall

‘Good sounds.’ John Nettles

‘When we booked Sound Gallery (at very short notice) to record some singing for the songs that appear in Far From The Madding Crowd, I don’t know if they were expecting the films principal leads, the director, the producer, the choreographer and half of the production team to invade their space. Well that’s what happened and they were brilliant, very accommodating with any requests/demands and the engineer, Duncan Chave, was fantastic. Completely unphased under pressure and really knows his stuff. All round thumbs up. Support your local studio!’ Neil MacCall, music producer (Fox Searchlight UK)

‘The session went very smoothly and the Skype connection was excellent.’ Peter Key, Sound Design and Production.

‘I’ll gladly recommend Sound Gallery. Everything went really smoothly during our voiceover sessions at Sound Gallery – thank you once again for all your help. All the best and hope to work with you in the future – here’s hoping for a second series!’ Gillian Irvine, BBC Scotland

‘Working with Sound Gallery I can edit and manage sound components quickly prior to video editing. This means I can effectively manage workflow and meet client expectations fast at a reasonable cost’. Chris Martin / Real World Photography and Film UK

‘Exeter Cathedral are very pleased with the recording of the audio-tour’. Joyce Adams, Talking Media

Voiceovers / Audiobooks / Podcasts / On-location Recordings

Sound Gallery Studios provide the highest standard voice recording facility at broadcast quality, using the industry standard ProTools for both voice-over recording and sound/voice narration to picture in our acoustically treated and sound-proofed vocal booth.

We also specialise in the recording and production of audiobooks and podcasts and we work with prestigious companies and a wealth of local talent from the UK and abroad. Producers and directors can listen in or direct sessions from anywhere in the world using telephone or Skype patch which enables 2 way communication between the producer, the talent and the engineer. The audio mix is then sent via e-mail after the session.

Through experience we have found this solution to be the one providing the most high quality audio as well as most cost effective medium for our clients compared to ISDN. With our high-speed internet connection the finished audio files can be with the client in no time at all. Free Wi-Fi is also available to all clients during sessions.

Rates: Due to the unique nature of each project quotes are given after we have received full details about each project.

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