The control room is the beating heart of the studio, here we capture your performance and provide the right sonic conditions for engineering, recording, mixing and mastering.

Our aim when building the studio (with input from Roger Quested – Abbey Road Studios), was to create the flattest response curve possible to enable the ‘Truest’ audio signal. Quality mixing helps achieve great mastering results and the experience and ears of a good mix engineer are invaluable. We are proud to possess both exceptional engineers and great sets of seasoned ears.

Mixing Equipment

Monitoring is provided by Quested (Quested S7 + SB 10R Sub) and Genelec speakers via an Allen & Heath GS-R24M Desk.

We offer extensive Mixing services and Stem Mixing services using both Analogue and Digital paths (including NEVE, Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR mastering series pre-amps, Tascam 1″ tape, TfPro  stereo compressors and a host of high end digital plug-ins).

We also have an extensive array of the latest software and a shot of high end digital plug-ins and effect from Slate Digital, Apple, AVID, Ableton, Waves, Native Instruments, Syncro Arts, Izotope, Valhalla, IK Multimedia, Ohmboyz & more.


Sound Gallery Studios offer different mastering options to suit your budget and your product, from general Mix and Mastering of demos and ‘in the box’ high-end Software Mastering to complete packages for commercial release utilizing  NEVEPrism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR mastering series pre-amps TLA valve EQs & PA1, TfPro P38EX stereo compression and more.


Multi-track mixing

Digital & Analogue Stem mixing

Attended & remote mixing and mastering

Our flexible approach to recording, mixing and mastering allows us to utilise both Analogue and Digital paths (including Neve, SSL, Prism Sound, Tascam 1″ tape, TfPro, Focusrite and TLAudio.

The Control Room is linked to  Studio 1 Studio 2 & the  Vocal Booth

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