An evening inspired by the virtuosity of Domenico Scarlatti, dedicated to bringing together influences and ideas from across the ages. Combining talents from many differing musical backgrounds with visual representation to provide a platform for the awoken voice of the Vincenzo Sodi harpsichord (1782). In a demonstration of the need to experience the musical reality of our endangered heritage and to taste its future.

In the words of profession Jose Vazquez of the University fo Vienna, ‘it is the living acoustical heritage – the sounds of these instruments produce for us living today- which interest us, not their mere decorative quality as object ttrouve from our distant past’.


2004, ‘New works for Lost Voices’ an audio visual performance featuring old and new works and the awoken voice of the magnificent Vincenzo Sodi harpischord, orchestrated and directed by Grice Peters and a dedicated team of musicians and technicians, took place at the Exeter Phoenix Main Auditorium.

Original concept and artistic direction: Grice Peters


Lost & Found (M.C. Peters), The Persuaders (John Barry), Slowdive I (M. C. Peters), Slowdive II (M.C Peters and T. Boxer) and my Lady Carey’s Dompe (Anonymous) performed by Swanston: Grice Peters (guitars and vocals) –  Fred Ehresmann (keys & Virtual Vincenzo) – Jon Guard (bass) & Tim Boxer (drums) accompanied by Hilary Boxer, Nancy Redman, Felicity Maries (cellos). Alan Boxer: support

Introduction, closing notes and poems (Prose by Gabriele d’Annunzio and The Old Lute by Po Chu-i) read by Patrick Romer.

Other performers included David Cottam: Scarlatti Sonatas and Tarlton’s Resurrection Dulcinea (new commission), Richard Langham Smith: Toccatas (Frescobaldi), Tim Boxer: Time Rhapsody (T. Boxer) and Hilary Boxer: Prelude from Suite in G (J. S. Bach).

Film sequences: Verity Healy – Dance images: Maria Kamba – Still images: Girts Gailans

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