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Due to the unique nature of each project, quotes are given after we have discussed your project in more detail. Studio rates include use of the studio, backline and studio engineer. To request a quote or to arrange an appointment, please  CONTACT US
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Bands & Groups (3 musicians +) 

Standard Recording package: full day (8 hrs/10am-6pm): £280

Standard Recording package: half day (4 hrs) £160

Vocalists, Solo artists & Duos

Recording: Min booking: 1hr £70

1hr £85 (includes recording & basic mix)

Recording, mixing & mastering: 2 hrs £120

Half Day recording (4hrs): £140

Full day recording (8 hrs): £250

Mixing: £40 per hour                

Mastering: £40-£50 per track               

Additional CDs: £2.50 each – Full data DVD: £25


We appreciate that larger recording projects, such as an EP or album can get expensive, which is why we offer two special rate packages to keep costs as low as possible. Rates include studio hire and engineer.

£1,750 – 3-4 track EP (5 days)

£4,200 – 10-12 track album (15 days)

Both packages include recording, mixing and mastering, so that artists and bands can walk away with a finished product. We also offer advice on releasing & promoting your record in association with hungersleep productions and Integrity Records.


Production rates are calculated on a project by project basis. If you would like to work with a producer in the studio then please email us to discuss your project and receive a quote. Each package will be specifically tailored to every artist. We are also able to provide session musicians recorded in the studio or remotely.

Filming & Music Videos

Studio 2 – THE SUB – is fully connected to Studio 1 and the Control Room through an extensive Motu digital/analogue network enabling greater flexibility & capability for full multi-track recording via our outboard and into the DAW.

The SUB is equipped with HD cameras and full LED lighting for filming and live streaming, the room is treated with pro acoustic panels and has GREEN SCREEN capability. 

Recording and filming rates:

Bands/Artists:                                             1 song: £380 – 2 songs: £600

Commercial: Half day: from £580 (recording and filming)

Full Day: from £1160 (recording and filming)

Music videos from £1500

Editing: from £40 per hr

Both studios are also available for private hire or for filming purposes by special arrangement. Notable clients & shows include BBC The One Show (feat. Raphael Ravenscroft), Channel 4 (Embarrassing Bodies), Sleigh (feat. Matt Berry & Nigel Planer) and more.

Mobile & on-Location Recording 

1 day (2-3 hrs recording session + set-up) from £320

2 days (2-3 hrs consecutive day recording sessions) from £580

Live Sessions on PhonicFM 106.8 

Sound Gallery Studios have a live feed with PhonicFM and can broadcast live studio sessions on air. Send us an email with your requirements and we will send you a quote for the session. Rates include use of live room, sound engineer and CD/MP3 of the session. 

Extras for hire 

Guitar amps (rates per day): Fender Delux/Fender Twin/Marshall: £30

Line 6/Fender: £20 Bass amps (rates per day) SWR/Trace Elliott/Ashdown: £30

Drumkits (rates per day): Gretsch drumkit: £40 – Ludwig drumkit: £30

Electronic drumkit: £20

Synths/Keyboards:  Yamaha fully weighted 88 note keyboard & Roland module: £20 – Roland Duno 60/MicroPreset: by arrangement with management 

Audiobooks – Interviews – Podcasts – Radio Plays

£60 per hour recording only

£200 per finished hr (equivalent to 3 hrs recording, editing, production, mastering)

Proofreading: £25 per hr

Voice-over Recording/Wild

Minimum studio booking time: 1hr: £100 (£70 pr hr thereafter)

1 hr Recording + Zoom link set up/test: £150 (£70 pr hr thereafter)

Voice-over Recording to Picture:

Minimum booking time: 1hr: £150 (includes file transfers and set up) £80 per hr thereafter

Voice-over Ancillaries:

Editing: £35 per hour CDR / DVDR edited or unedited audio/data files: £5 File transfer – Free up to 5GB then £5 per 1GB thereafter Phone patch or Skype audio link to client/engineer (15 mins or part thereof): £2.50 Skype video link 2 way with artiste: £10.00 per session Photocopying (free up to 10 pages): 0.20 pence thereafter

CD Duplication & Graphic Design 

We offer high quality CD/DVD duplication full face direct on disc digital printing with branded discs duplicated with audio or data from your master disc. We can also help with design or layout of existing artwork from your supplied logo and background images. 

Tape & Vinyl Transfers 

Looking to bring your Record or Tape collection into the 21st century? No longer have access to a Tape machine, Record or Minidisc player? We can transfer your Vinyl records, Cassette Tapes, DAT’s, and Minidisc, to high quality Digital WAV/AIFF or MP3 files, so that they are ready to play anytime you like on your PC, portable audio device or Phone. Helping to preserve your music collection for years to come.

As an added service we can also restore the audio, removing clicks, pops, and hiss so that it sounds as perfect as the day it was recorded. 


Please see here more details about our  Terms & Conditions & Methods of Payment

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