Studio 2 
Rehearsal – Pre-production – Filming

Sponsored by Mansons Guitars and Fender, Studio 2 is acoustically treated & ventilated suitable for Band Practice, Pre-production sessions, Filming, Band Auditions, Music Exams, Private Tuition and Music Workshops.


Room dimensions: 4.5m x 5.5m

Mackie SRM 450 PA – CFX 12 – 16 mixing desk

Mapex drumkit (not including cymbals, these can be hired for an extra £5 or you can bring your own)

1x Line6 or Fender guitar amp (extra guitar amps can be hired for an extra £4 or you can bring your own)

1x Bass amp – 2x SM58 mics

Please bring your own drumsticks, mics and cables

New Post production Services: Filming and Online Streaming coming soon …

Virtual MainStage Project

This virtual performance platform will enable musicians to record and film new material and stream their performances to their fans and new audiences.

Our aim is to help musicians create new content and to help them reignite and sustain their careers.

With our newly installed tie lines to the Control room we can record up to 7 individual microphone sources straight through our lovely valve hardware and into the DAW so that you get the exact same recording quality that you would have if booking a day in the studio.

We will be launching The Virtual MainStage project in January 2021. Contact us for details.

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