International Links & Multi-media Projects

hungersleep records

Sound Gallery’s in-house record label, hungersleep is an artist-led record label which operates in the genres of Art Rock, Experimental Rock and Folk Noir with a distinctive British flavour. Home to GRICE & Siobhan McCrudden.

one thousand birds symphony

Conceived, composed and directed by artrock artist GRICE, ‘1000 Birds Symphony’ is a music commission & short film produced through remote collaboration with film-makers and musicians during lockdown. Premiered at Bloom Festival, Exeter Phoenix, May 2022. Awards:  Best Music Feature (Mykonos International Film Awards, Greece), Best Arthouse Short Film (Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival, Italy), Best Original Music Score (Cine Paris Film Festival, France) & more. Original music score

Virtual Vincenzo project

Sound Gallery’s digital restoration of a rare harpsichord built in 1782 by Italian master craftsman Vincenzo Sodi. The actual instrument is on show at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. The digital instrument is at Sound Gallery studios, it made its first appearance at the ‘New Works for Lost Voices’ event and its unique sound features on music scores and albums released on hungersleep records.

Mission to Berlin (dbs Music)

In 2015, Sound Gallery organised a professional development visit to Berlin. We met with representatives from BIMM, Funkhaus, the British Embassy, the British Council & more. Sound Gallery’s creative team delivered a music technology live demo and masterclass at dbs Music and a live performance featuring art rock artist GRICE and his band at the Culture Container in Berlin.

 Mission to Rome (Forward Studios)

In 2018, Sound Gallery’s creative team in association with hungersleep records, visited Forward Studios in Rome to establish new partnerships with the music industry and initiate artistic collaborations with international musicians and producers abroad.