Raptors project

Raptors are stand alone music stations equipped with music production tools and software designed to provide educational and creative experiences for young people aged 16-25 years who have mental health issues or come from disadvantaged backgrounds and most importantly lack access to technology. 

The coronavirus pandemic has sharpened social-economic divides and through this project we aim to address this issue. Through our SiMPTI work experience programme we have found that many young people lack access to computers and technology in general.

This issue does not only create a barrier to their emotional and artistic expression and development but also creates a hinderance in the development of essential IT and other transferrable skills which are important in young people’s professional development and equal opportunities in accessing jobs and further training.

More specifically, a Raptor is a portable work station/recording device set up to create, record and produce music in the form of an ipad or tablet aided by an interface, USB mics and music software that will be we configured to help young people access technology and be creative.

A Raptor will allow participants to sing, speak, plug in and record instruments, make beats, produce their own backing tracks, write songs, lyrics and music. Sessions will be tailor made and will be structured in the form of tutorials on music production techniques, recording, mixing and editing.

Raptors will also include access to instructional videos, tutorials and music industry tips and tricks, building on our SiMPTI work experience programme combined with SiMPTI Digital project resources and live demos with music industry professionals from the Analogue to Digital Music Expo.

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