Raptors Project

The RAPTORS project is a programme of online educational and creative experiences for young people aged 15-25 years who have an interest in music and have had their learning and musical experiences impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Participants can work on existing projects or create new ones and learn a range of recording, mixing and mastering techniques including recording & sequencing MIDI, soft synths and samplers and more delivered by Sound Gallery’s head engineer Duncan Chave.

Other areas include learning how to create contemporary electronic and dance music using modern Digital Audio Workstations, including Logic Pro, Pro-Tools, Reason and Ableton Live, including programming loops and beats, sound design, and mixing and mastering.

Participants can also take advantage of a range of music industry advice sessions delivered by our partners at Integrity Records. Topics include:  Start your own record label, Protecting your creation, Building a team, Monetise your music, Marketing & Promotion, Pitching your music to the industry, Publishing & Sync deals. Find out more:  Music Industry Sessions

Sessions are tailor made and are structured in the form of tutorials on music production techniques, recording, mixing and editing delivered via Skype.

Raptors participants also get advice and guidance in terms of creating their own music stations and how to enhance their existing resources to achieve the best results when creating, recording and producing music.

Sound Gallery will develop a number of music production stations in the form of ipads, laptops or tablet aided by an interface, USB mics and music software that will be we configured to help young people access technology and be creative, once social distancing restrictions are eased. These Raptors will allow participants to sing, speak, plug in and record instruments, make beats, produce their own backing tracks, write songs, lyrics and music. 

The Raptors project also provides access to music industry and educational resources developed from Sound Gallery’s SiMPTI work experience programme and SiMPTI Digital project.

Integrity Records are also partners in Sound Gallery’s Virtual Mainstage Project.

The coronavirus pandemic has sharpened social-economic divides and many young people lack access to computers, technology and relevant expertise. This creates a barrier to emotional and artistic expression and also poses a hinderance in the development of transferrable skills which are essential in young people’s professional development and equal opportunities in accessing jobs and further training. This project also aims to help young people deal with and overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, boredom, uncertainty, loneliness and alienation due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

The Raptors Project is supported by the Culture Recovery Fund

Delivered in association with Integrity Records