E.P.I.C. sessions
Engineering | Production | Industry | Collaboration

Supercharge your recording and music production skills and knowledge about the music industry with this 5-day course at Sound Gallery Studios.

Learn from some of the best professionals in the music industry, get hands-on training in a professional studio, meet & collaborate with like minded people.



Week 1: 5- 9 August 2024 (15-18 years)

Week 2: 12-16 August 2024 (18 years+)

Time: 10:30-4:30 (45 mins break)

Group size: up to 5-6 participants

Cost: £450 per person ( 1 week)

To APPLY, send us an email and we will send you an enrolment form.

Location: Sound Gallery studios, Exeter Phoenix, Gandy street, Exeter, EX4 3LS

Delivered by Duncan Chave (Sound Gallery Studios head engineer) &   Nick Tarbitt (CEO Integrity Records)


Opportunities to put existing skills into practise and expand knowledge in all the latest music production software and tools.

Meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Hands-on learning experience from engineers and producers in a professional recording studio.

Make useful contacts within the music industry.


Day 1 – Recording studio day – Recording techniques – The Studio 

Skills/Topics covered:

Microphones – types and uses

Miking techniques – miking drums and acoustic instruments

Recording electric guitars – DI, miking amps and re-amping

Studio acoustics – absorption and diffusion

From the microphone to the computer – Pre-amps, interfaces, and recording

Recording vocals – techniques and comping

Day 2 – Recording & Mixing – Logic Pro

Skills/Topics covered:

Analogue to digital – recording, sampling and a2d conversion

The mixing environment – speakers and listening 

The mixing desk – analogue and digital mixing

Mixing techniques – mixing tools inc. EQ, compression and reverb

Logic Pro – using Logic Pro for recording and mixing

Day 3 – Music Production – Ableton Live

Skills/Topics covered:

MIDI – playing, recording and editing

Synths and sounds – Synthesis theory and sound design

Logic Pro instruments – Synths and virtual instruments in Logic Pro

Using Ableton – making music using Ableton Live and Push

Day 4 – Music Industry Seminars with Integrity records

Topics covered:

The anatomy of a release: Whether releasing your own track or one by a band you know, this seminar takes you through the anatomy of a release, from the recording of a demo through to the promotion of your label’s 1st single on iTunes and Spotify.

Monetising your Music: Here we explore the different revenue streams which your music may be able to generate, including digital distribution, the role of aggregators, direct distribution (via the likes of Bandcamp), manufacturing physical product (including limited editions), the different ways to approach merchandise, the role of collection societies, and synchronisation (on TV and commercials).

Day 5 – Mastering – Collaboration 

Skills/Topics covered:

Mastering techniques – EQ, Compression and Limiting

Mastering tools – hardware and software

Using Izotope Ozone

Using Izotope RX

Collaboration and remote working