Music enrichment programme designed by Sound Gallery CIC to deliver creative music-making sessions for young people aged 11-18 years. 

ERA brings together young people with music and multimedia industry professionals in order to enrich the educational environment and bring about more positive attitudes to personal development and attainment.

The aims and objectives of this project are to encourage personal expression and musical experimentation and to help participants write original compositions, record them on to CD and then perform them live in a music showcase promoting new talent.

The project, a follow-up from COBRA (City of Bristol Rising Artists), initially took place at DepotX in Exeter until 2008 when it was moved to Sound Gallery Studios at Exeter Phoenix.

E.R.A developed to these 3 programmes:

Form a Band

Participant learn how to structure songs, write lyrics and rehearse in a creative, nurturing environment within a professional recording studio and record their songs on a CD, culminating in a live performance at Exeter Phoenix.

Digital Sounds

Creative music technology and electronic music production sessions teaching participants recording, sequencing, sampling and arranging skills using a range of music software platforms, including Reason, Logic and ProTools.

Sing It! 

Vocal creative sessions & songwriting teaching a wide range of songwriting skills, vocal techniques and warm-ups. Each participant received 1:1 vocal coaching and had the opportunity to record at Sound Gallery Studios.

Funded by Awards for All and The Local Network Fund