Virtual MainStage

Virtual MainStage is a new project developed by Sound Gallery’s creative team as a direct response to the void in the music industry created by COVID-19.  This new project is primarily aimed at professional musicians whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

This virtual performance platform will be set up at Sound Gallery Studios and will enable musicians to record and film new material and stream their performances to their fans and new audiences.

Our aim is to help musicians create new content and to help them reignite and sustain their careers.

The project will benefit groups and individuals who have lost their main source of income due to the closure of live venues and cancellation of gigs, concerts and festivals and need to record and release new material at a professional standard, including:

– emerging and professional musicians, bands, singer-songwriters, and vocalists

-actors and theatre groups

-sound engineers, producers and film makers

Virtual MainStage will help create professional showreels for future performances and material that can be streamed online and aired on our neighbouring radio station PhonicFM and other local radio stations and to our partners at MIDItv.

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