RAPS: Remote Alternative Play Station

Sound Gallery CIC has been awarded £1000 from the Exeter Covid-19 Community Action Fund and £1778 the Gibbons Family Trust towards our new project RAPS.

These grants will be used to offer music technology sessions remotely to fragile young people who live in Exeter via Skype or Facetime during the period of social distancing.

The fund is aimed at vulnerable young people aged 12-25 years who live in Exeter and East Devon and have mental health issues ranging from anxiety, depression, OCD or are struggling to cope with feelings of loneliness and alienation and other mental health issues as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation restrictions.

This project will provide educational and creative experiences through online music technology sessions in the form of online training and mentoring sessions. In light of the current coronavirus outbreak, access to online services and technology becomes essential, as we are no longer able to have our doors open due to social distancing rules.

In difficult times such as the current crisis, we feel that access to art, music and creativity is even more important as well as reaching out and helping young people in need.

Objective 1: Connectivity

This project will help young people to feel less isolated and will give them an opportunity remain connected with the outside world and our team of experts.

Objective 2: Education and Experiences

Participants will learn basic IT and music production skills and will learn to use music production software with the help of our tutors to create their own music.

Objective 3: Health & Well-being

This project will give participants a creative outlet and will help them deal with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol addiction).

The project has already enrolled a number of young people from Exeter Foyer.

RAPS is supported by the Exeter Covid-19 Community Action Fund and the Gibbons Family Trust