Giving Young People a Voice.

Rising Artists Camp is a music enrichment programme which offers young people the opportunity to create and record their music at a professional standard and learn new skills from mentors, musicians and producers in a professional recording studio environment.

ELIGIBILITY – beneficiaries

Young people aged 15-25 years living in Devon, with a special emphasis on those who are in financial hardship or are affected by mental health issues (depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s).


Recording & Music Production

The project will enable participants to record their musical ideas in a professional recording studio.

We will explore song-writing and recording techniques, programming loops and beats, sampling, mixing and mastering.

Young people with an interest in music production will learn how to use Digital Audio Workstations and software (Logic Pro, Ableton).

There is also an option of learning basic filming and edition skills and producing a music video.

project aims


  • to inspire young people to create, record and produce their own music.
  • to provide access to innovative music technology, professional resources and expertise.
  • to increase confidence, self-esteem and well-being and instil a sense of pride in realising achievements and reaching personal goals.

Observations & Project Outcomes

Participants learned how to record, edit, mix and master a song to a professional standard.

Participants learned the fundamentals of fIlming, editing and producing a music video

Participants learned useful music production skills

Participants continued to build their self-confidence with a view to making more music in the future.

Participants showed that they were keen to learn, willing to try new things and take on new ideas. 

Participants wrote and produced their own songs and music from scratch and made an accompanying music video.

The sessions helped participants value their own ideas and validated what they were capable of producing.

Participants confidence and sense of achievement rose noticeably through the sessions. 

Participants developed a mature approach to all aspects of the work whilst having fun.

Participants demonstrated taking pride in their work.

Participant feedback

1. Please tell us what you achieved and/or learned during these sessions:

“I have achieved writing and producing my first ever song with the help of duncan and it came out really nice. I also starred in a music video for it which was really fun.” Marla

“During my time at Sound Gallery’s Rising Artists Camp, I am very pleased and proud with what I achieved with Duncan in just a few hours. We managed to record Lose Control by Teddy swims by experimentng with different sounds and instruments. We also created a music video!” Betsy

“Completed a hip-hop track mixed and mastered learned a lot about software and audio development. Gained greater confidence in regards to music production.” Pete

2. What difference have these sessions made on your creativity and technical skills as a musician?

“These sessions gave me more confidence and made me more comfortable with playing and experimenting making music and just going with an idea rather than overthinking it.”

“These sessions have had a huge impact on my creativity and technical skills as a musician. They’ve helped me experiment with different techniques, improve my instrument skills and helped me use music software. This will develop me further as a musician, which would give me beneficial experience for my future.”

“I have gained more skills and insight after completing these sessions which have helped me expand my creativity as a musician and given me more tools for future projects I will work on”.

3. What is the impact of these sessions on your well-being and mental health?

“They have had a great impact I feel very proud of myself and happy.”

“The impact of these sessions is that they enhance your creativity and its very good for your well-being and mental health as it gives you the opportunity to create a high-quality recording that you can be proud of.”

It’s been helpful as it has increased my knowledge of music production skills which I find massively benefits my mental health as it is a way to express and also an escape”.

4. What are you going to do as a follow up from these sessions?

“As a follow up from these sessions, I would love to start writing and creating my own music and I’m looking forward to my work experience week with you.”

“I’m going to put what I’ve learned to good use and continue to create more music from home.”

“I am going to download logic when I have the funds and use the techniques I have been taught to make music at home.”

5. What are you aspirations and plans for the future?

“I would love to travel the world while doing small side jobs and making music”.

“To get to a level where I can develop professional sounding pieces of work by myself whether to release or just for my own enjoyment”.

Rising Artists Camp pilot project was supported by The Gibbons Family Trust. Please contact us if you would like to provide financial support or make a donation to this programme.